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 Get Outside Co.

Where the name came from..

Get Outside. A pretty simple statement. One I have had to tell myself repetitively battling with mental health. For me, being outdoors and appreciating all that it has to offer always had the ability to vastly change my head space and mind-set. I have always found peace, abundance and happiness in nature. I spent the majority of my childhood in the great outdoors, adventuring, learning and discovering. I decided to bring this into my brand as it encapsulates everything I am and what is important to me. I want my products to be beautiful but also, practical, high-quality, durable and kind to the environment. I want you to celebrate the forest and nature every time you put on your Get Outside Co.

With my love of the natural world I ensure that sustainability is always the upmost importance for my brand. At Get Outside Co. we use natural items such as fur felt, leather and wool, recycling old fabrics or jewellery and creating a high quality range of products that will last you through many adventures. This will ensure less pressure on our landfills and fights back on fast fashion trends. This is how I practice my love for nature. This is slow fashion.



How I became Get Outside..

 Get Outside started in the back of a medic truck in Northern Canada 2018. I started creating beanies in 2018 for some of the guys I worked with on the drilling-rigs in Fort St John, BC, Canada. The temperatures would get down to about -40 celsius so the beanies became a pretty easy sell. I started knitting my heart out in the back of that truck. Thus, the OG Get Outside Beanie. Fast Forward to 2020 and moving to Australia, I started deep diving into the world of hat making and everything started clicking. I found a deep rooted love and passion for creating and started making every chance I got. Self taught and learning as I went, scouring the internet for every bit of information possible. Now, a few years into this adventure and I am creating handmade-custom-felt-hats with ancient techniques, immense attention to detail and allowing my creativity to flow and create unique pieces on a daily basis. 

With a Get Outside Co. Hat, you are purchasing a unique piece of wearable- art that I have created with intent and care, ensuring you have a high quality product that will last you on countless adventures.

                     With Love, 

                     Myia xx


Happy Customers...

Hats can seem ubiquitous until you look closely. Myia brings a whole new level of craftsmanship with her approach to detail that elevates form and function. I'd been hat hunting for a very unique style..somewhere between Jack Sparrows and Kayce Dutton. Something that I could wear on my next hunt or in the next wine cellar and Get Outside brought that idea to life beyond my expectations. Thank you.

 - Jye 


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