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Too Big?

Your hat will automatically shrink over time when its exposed to moisture and heat but you can also add foam reducers underneath the sweatband to shrink it down a size or two. There should be some of these included in your hat box. If you need more send me an email.

Too small?

If your hat is too small it can be stretched using a hat stretcher from ebay, link here. You simply insert the stretcher into the base of the crown. Stretch the stretcher out to the desired size and steam the brim back down with an iron, using a cloth or towel in-between the iron and hat. Allow the brim to dry with heavy objects flattening it out. The brim can then be shaped to desired shape and allow to dry again.


Most hats that fit perfectly can feel a bit tight but this is too ensure it doesn't come off your head with any slight breeze. Think of a hat like a new pair of leather boots: It will mould and shape to your head with time and wear.


1 year warranty on any stitching and sewing problems posted at buyers expense or free local pickup. All hats are rechecked for size upon shipping if you would like to pay to have your hat resized due to wrong measurement the cost is $85*. This cost depends on any decorations that were sewn on and will take longer to take the hat apart etc. 

Restorations and reshapes also available by quotation.

Everyday Care

Store your hat in a cool dry place. Never leave your hat in a hot car, especially on the dash. Heat and moisture can shrink your hat. If you sweat or work in your hat it's best to buy a hat stretcher to store in your hat so it doesn't shrink while drying. Storing on a hat hook is best or a flat shelf. If you squish your hat most of the time the indents will pop out with a bit of steam and go back to its original shape but I also offer reshapes and restorations. 


 Sand paper can help to get rid of stubborn stains by gently sanding away the mark. Otherwise, methylated spirits can be a handy fix too but test this on somewhere you cant see first as some colours may take better than others. For everyday dust just use a lint roller, scotch tape or a hat brush.

Hat cleaning kits can also be purchased here.

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