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Ever had troubles finding a hat that fits?

Look no further. Myia makes hats created for your exact head size down to the centimetre. You can even arrange an in person meeting and get it formally fitted to your unique noggin with her conformateur tool! This measures all the dips and ridges of your skull  and creates a perfect fitting hat!

Not sure how to measure your head? No stress! Myia offers free fitting and designs consultations in person or via FaceTime/zoom etc. 


Want your hat to showcase your unique personality in a tasteful and creative way?

Myia creates one of a kind hats tailored to each individuals style and preference. You're able to choose your crown of the hat to anything from a skull to a classic tear drop to western cowboy style. Your brim can be a range of different widths and shaped how ever you like! Now, for decorations.. the possibilities are endless. Ask Myia about pyrography burns or embroidery to make the hat even more unique to you!


Ready to start on your custom hat?

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